Frequently asked questions

Is your work made of real iron?

"Real" iron is something of a misnomer in modern times. While pure iron is still produced and can be obtained at some expense, most modern blacksmiths opt to work with what's known as mild steel - a relatively soft grade of steel with very low carbon content. Steel is simply pure iron with a bit of carbon (or other elements) mixed into an alloy. The vast majority of our work is made using A36 hot-rolled mild steel purchased from our local steel vendor.

I bought a hook/shelf bracket/wall hanging. How should I mount it to the wall?

We recommend a 1 1/2" to 2" pan head wood screw directly into wood or a stud for securing most items. For very small items, smaller screws may be used and common sense may apply. When installing ironwork outdoors, use stainless steel or corrosion-resistent fasteners.

How should I care for my ironwork?

Most of our work is finished with a wax coating that is applied when the steel is hot. This method creates a somewhat hardened protective coating around the metal that can be polished to a shine and helps to inhibit rust. For products used indoors, simply dust, then apply a wax-based furniture polish to your item every month or two. Buff to desired luster with a dry cotton cloth. Pledge furniture polish works great! Ironwork intended for outdoor installation is finished with a weather-resistant two-part enamel.

Do you take custom orders?

We are always happy to discuss custom work. Some of our favorite jobs have been special requests from individuals and local businesses. If you have a specific idea in mind, or would like ironwork built to suit for your home or business, please contact us for further information.

Won't it rust?!

Short answer - yes. Our coastal climate is hostile to most types of steel if left unprotected. Most items from the forge are finished with wax, but if you plan to use your ironwork outdoors for extended periods, a quality paint or clear-coat should be applied.